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About HCA Business Recovery


Founded by John Hannaway and Brian Hegarty, HCA Business Recovery our specialist business recovery, turnaround and insolvency division. We offer businesses and individuals who are in financial difficulties the Passionate, Professional, Practical and Personal service which HCA has at its core.


We are experts at guiding clients through difficult situations and delivering tailored solutions to deal with financial problems. We work alongside existing advisers and understand that when we provide advice to your clients, you trust us to provide an excellent service and treat your clients with respect and care. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with fellow professionals, based on trust. We never engage in hard selling and we don’t poach clients referred to us by other professionals.


Our approach is focussed on business turnaround and avoiding, where possible, a formal insolvency process. The earlier we are engaged, the more likely it is that a turnaround can be achieved without a formal process. Where a formal process is required, we will advise on the options available and recommend the most suitable process, rescuing the business and limiting the negative impact where it is possible to do so.


We offer a free-of-charge initial consultation to all, in strict confidence and with no obligation to engage us to provide services. Where clients do decide to engage us, we will always provide an estimate of the costs and likely outcome at the outset and ensure that they receive an honest and supportive experience. If you need advice, contact us today on 028 9037 6969.

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Our Services

  • Financial Health-check

  • Business Recovery

  • Business Turnaround

  • Mentoring and Board Advice

  • Corporate Structures / Simplification

  • Performance Improvement Consulting

  • Business Debt Restructuring

  • Sourcing Business Finance

  • Negotiations with Lenders

  • Dealing with Creditor Pressure

  • HMRC Time to Pay Arrangements

  • HMRC Arrears

  • Accelerated M&A

  • Directors Disqualification

  • Negotiations with IPs / the Official Receiver

Formal Insolvency
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements

  • Company Voluntary Arrangements

  • Partnership Voluntary Arrangements

  • Solvent Liquidation (MVL)

  • Insolvent Liquidation (CVL)

  • Court Winding Up

  • Administration

  • Partnership Administration

  • Administrative Receivership

  • Fixed Charge Receivership

  • LPA Receivership

  • Trustee in Bankruptcy

  • Annulment of Bankruptcy



Case Studies


Here are some examples of how we have made a real difference to the financial well-being of businesses and individuals. We are proud of the positive impact that we have made for these and other clients.

Annulment of bankruptcy to protect a client’s family home

The client had recently been adjudicated bankrupt. After reviewing the financial position we concluded that there were sufficient assets to pay creditors in full if the bankruptcy was reversed. We assisted the client in proposing an Individual Voluntary Arrangement. This gave the client time to pay the bankruptcy debts in full, and protected the family home from the threat of repossession. Once the IVA was in place, we arranged for the bankruptcy to be annulled.


Debt restructuring and negotiation with bank

The client operated a property partnership which had disposed of all of its assets, leaving a residual personal liability to a local bank. We negotiated with the bank to accept a cash offer in full and final settlement of the amount due, securing a significant discount and removing the threat of bankruptcy.


IVA used to rescue a business from bankruptcy

We were approached by an entrepreneur who had received a bankruptcy petition from HMRC as a result of significant PAYE and VAT liabilities. We arranged for the petition to be adjourned and then for an Interim Order to be put in place to provide time for us to review his finances and advise him on his options. It quickly became clear that the continued trading of the business was essential to enable him to provide for his family. We structured an IVA and secured HMRC approval, rescuing him from bankruptcy and enabling him to continue to trade.

Financial review and turnaround plan

Our client was a service provider which  had been making losses since the commencement of the business. We carried out a detailed review of the company’s performance, and were able to recommend a turnaround plan with four specific recommendations to enable the business to move immediately from a loss-making to a profit-making position. As advice was sought early, this business was rescued without the requirement for any insolvency process. .

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