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Our services include: 


Put simply, a statutory audit is an independent opinion on the financial accounts of a “large” company (one with two of the following characteristics – turnover in excess of £10.2m, assets more than £5.1m, and staffing greater than 50). Do the accounts give “a true and fair view” and do they meet all relevant guidelines or legal requirements?

Cynics may argue that an audit is “a statutory non-service”. So, it must be done but it adds no value. But we at hca chartered accountants disagree; for in our view an effective and timely audit gives a unique “window” into our clients’ risks, opportunities and procedures, the response to which we can benchmark against best practice. 

In short, we work hard to provide an exceptional audit service; one based on a deep understanding of your business so that we can provide proactive advice and insight that goes beyond the statutory requirements. Our aim is to have as minimal an impact as possible on your day-to-day business, while maintaining a thorough approach based on tailored tests and procedures resulting in robust reporting on your controls and systems. So, this is a positive process that helps ensure best practice and provide a platform for the future growth of your company.

We are highly selective on who we work for and will only provide services we are confident we have the expertise and experience to deliver beyond our client’s expectations. So, we will not act for charities, credit unions, public sector organisations or for banks and insurance companies. These are specialist sectors requiring specialist skills, knowledge and capacity. Similarly, we do not provide internal audit or corporate governance review services.  



Most businesses do not require a statutory audit. But all do need accounts on at least an annual basis and preferably each month or quarter. And whilst preparing formal accounts may be a burden for some, at hca chartered accountants, we actively enjoy it! We aim to offer you the most constructive, helpful advice and guidance, keeping you always fully informed. This means we get down into the nitty-gritty of your business, learning and understanding the intricacies of what makes you tick. In short, we strive to go above and beyond, developing bespoke systems and processes to meet your specific accounting needs.

In order to ensure you get the exceptional service you deserve, we have a director dedicated to the provision of accountancy services. So, we aim to ensure that not only are accurate figures obtained as early as possible, but they are also discussed with you in depth so that we can advise on how to maximise your business’ profitability and optimise strategies that could be followed. For example, is your remuneration and reward policy the best it could be? And what about funding – both of working capital and for growth?

Board advice and challenge 


John has an enviable track record of providing a wide range of advisory services to Boards of leading Northern Ireland companies. In the past he has chaired an initiative with Chartered Accountants Ireland to enhance corporate governance across the Island. John is, himself, the chairman of a NI Family business, a board member of a major locally based charity and is a Vice President of Youthnet. Previously he has been a school governor and has served on the board of the Youth Council of Northern Ireland.


Bookkeeping, VAT and payroll


We can provide support and advice on your bookkeeping, VAT and payroll requirements.

Xero Accounting 

For businesses using Xero accounting software, our group company Magic Beans is a Xero certified gold partner, and provides an outstanding service in helping growing businesses to ensure they have access to real-time, relevant financial information to allow them to make effective business decisions that result in profitable growth. For more information, please visit




We provide the normal range of accountancy, assurance and taxation compliance services you would expect from a chartered accountancy practice. Our difference is we see this as the opportunity to really add value to your business rather than merely a "must do". Compliance does not need to be a chore; try us and see!


Expert Witness 


Due to his experience and knowledge of many complex accountancy issues, John has served as expert witness in a number of cases.  His ability to quickly understand the circumstances at hand has allowed him to continue to add valuable input on each occasion.




Our group has a wide range of strategic services to assist you including succession planning, finance raising, business acquisition and disposal, due diligence and forensic accounting and investigation. And should we consider you require other specialist advice we cannot personally provide to the standard we demand, John can call on his extensive range of contacts gained over the past 34 years and from his leadership of the Institute.




At hca chartered accountants, we use our knowledge and years of experience to ensure that you pay as little tax as possible.  We work to maximise the efficiencies of your business, your wealth and your legacy.  Working with the owners of business has driven us to ensure that we minimise your Personal Tax and Corporation Tax by ensuring that you plan in time and utilise all reliefs available.  Getting to know you and your business and really understanding how you make money, allows us to ensure you keep it.


We will work with you to maximise tax breaks on capital expenditure, capture valuable reliefs and remunerate and incentivise your staff in the most efficient way. 


Our planning reaches all areas of your business and personal life.  Our experience allows us to formulate strategies that minimise tax over the long term and ensure that your wealth is available to assist you in your goals.  This is the value that every business needs and we focus on ensuring you lose as little as possible, allowing you to focus on making as much as possible.


Within this planning we have specialist areas of expertise, utilising government incentives to help you thrive.  We will work to make Capital Allowances claims, present and historic, to achieve tax reductions from your investment.  We will identify and capture the Research and Development which goes on in your business and maximise the tax relief or refund due for this work. We will also advise on Patent Box and other often overlooked, but very valuable, tax incentives.


How you remunerate yourself and your staff is crucial to a successful business, and we will help you to achieve the best result in line with your needs.  We also look to the future of your business, your exit or legacy when you decide the time is right.  Putting in place the correct structures and mechanisms now can make this a simple and rewarding process in the future.


Unfortunately, HMRC can and will look at your affairs.  We have expert knowledge in representing business during an enquiry and assisting in a smooth process at a worrying time.

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